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Data usage

This support article will give you key information about using data on your Lebara prepaid plan.

How to check your data usage.

The best way to check your data usage for your prepaid service is through MyLebara.

We’ll also send data alerts after 50%, 85% or 100% of usage.

Bank your data

With our 30-Day, Long Expiry and Data Only plans, you can bank up to 200GB unused data. Once your recharge has expired, you’ll have 48 hours to recharge again – if you don’t recharge within 48 hours you’ll lose the data that you’ve banked. You’ll automatically start using data in your data bank once you’ve exhausted the included data from your plan.

You can’t bank data from Data Add-ons. If you recharge on a Standard Plan and you have banked data, the banked data will be held until you recharge again on a 30-Day, Long Expiry and Data Only plans.

Gift your data

With our 30 Day and Long Expiry plans, you can gift up to 2GB data per transaction up to 5 times per 30 days to another Lebara service. There’s a total limit of 10GB every 30 days.

To gift your data, head to MyLebara. Alternatively you can send an SMS to 126172 and follow this format that includes the mobile number of the service you want to gift the data to: Gift XXMB mobile number. For example: Gift 1024MB 04XX123456.

Tips for limiting your mobile data usage

Here are some other ways you can limit your mobile data usage.

Connect to Wi-Fi

To reduce your mobile data usage, connect to Wi-Fi when completing data tasks such as:

  • Installing software updates.
  • Downloading and updating apps.
  • Syncing cloud storage services.
  • Streaming video and audio.

Switch off background data

Your device may still be using data in the background, even when you’re not actively using it. To reduce your background data, you can try switching off automatic:

  • Backups
  • File transfers
  • App updates
  • Email refresh and attachment downloads

Data saving in apps

Many popular apps have data saving features that can be configured to help reduce the amount of data they use.

FacebookTurn off Video Autoplay.
InstagramTurn on Use Less Data.
SnapchatTurn on Travel Mode.
YouTubeTurn off High Quality setting.
Google Chrome (Android only)Turn on Data Saver.

Data usage FAQs

Yes. If you’d like a usage history document, please email to at care@lebara.staging.noisebirds.com.au. Lebara Mobile charges $15 for administration costs and this may take up to 3 – 5 working days.

  • All Plans are eligible to receive a data bank, except the Standard Plan.
  • Data Packs are not eligible for Data Banking or Data Gifting
  • The maximum amount of data that can be banked is 200GB.
  • The maximum amount of data that can be gifted is 10GB every 30 days at 2GB per transaction.
  • Data bank balance rolls over only if an eligible recharge is made before expiry of current plan.
  • If no recharge is made before expiry, data bank will terminate.
  • The data bank balance rolls over to stacked plans on expiry of current plan.