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Network Coverage

Use our network coverage checker to see the 3G, 4G and 5G coverage in your area. This Australian network coverage map should be used as a guide only – whilst we try to ensure accuracy; factors such as building construction, local conditions, device and software, download source and traffic volumes may impact your experience.

Network coverage FAQs

Coverage levels are reduced inside buildings, cars, trains, trams and buses compared with outdoors due to higher mobile signal loss inside compared with outside. Inside buildings, the coverage depends on the buildings construction material and other factors including the number of internal walls and presence of elevator shafts for example. Building basements, underground car parks, inside elevators, upper levels of very tall buildings are common places where you may experience less coverage.

The coverage map has been made using advanced prediction tools which we aim to make as accurate as possible. However the differences between predicted and actual coverage are unfortunately unavoidable due to the nature of radio based mobile networks and the unlimited variations in environment at a specific location. For example, the distance from the network base station affects coverage and geographic features like hills, buildings and trees can block mobile signals and affect mobile reception.