We are aware some customers are currently experiencing interruptions to voice calls. Our technical teams are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Leaving Lebara Mobile

We’re sorry to see you go.

If you would like to keep your existing mobile number but leave Lebara Mobile, please contact your new service provider. They will be able to initiate the transfer request. Your account with Lebara Mobile will be automatically terminated once your number is successfully transferred.

If you’d like to cancel your current number and close your Lebara Mobile account, please email us at care@lebara.staging.noisebirds.com.au.

Any remaining balances will not be refunded if you would like to terminate or transfer your service.

Transfer ownership

To transfer ownership of your account to someone else, please send an email to care@lebara.staging.noisebirds.com.au with the following details:

  • Lebara Phone Number
  • Transferer’s Australian Driver’s License or Passport
  • Transferee’s Australian Driver’s License or Passport
  • SIM card Photo – Showing 20 Digit ICCID number