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Fair Use Policy

The Lebara Mobile Fair Use Policy applies to the Lebara Mobile Prepaid Service and use of any voice or data Services advertised as subject to the Fair Use Policy ‘Fair Use offers’.

Personal Use: All of our Lebara Mega products and services (Small Plan, Medium Plan, Large and Extra Large Plan) are for personal use only (see the terms and conditions which apply to each product and service). Personal use means that an individual person uses our products and services for reasonable private use only. This includes making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages and the use of data services. Use of Lebara services for business purposes-including carrying out the operations of large groups and organisations –falls outside personal use and is prohibited.

This policy applies where:

  1. Free time applies to calls or data services
  2. There is a flat charge for all or part of a call or data services, whether available through standard pricing or a promotional offer

The Fair Use Policy applies where:

  1. your participation in a Fair Use Promotion is unreasonable; or
  2. your usage of data services is unreasonable.

For the purposes of the Fair Use Policy, unreasonable use is defined as:

  1. Where Your use of Lebara voice or data services, or participation in a Fair Use offer is reasonably considered by Lebara Mobile to be fraudulent or to adversely affect the Vodafone Network or other Vodafone customers’ use of or access to a Vodafone Service or the Vodafone Network.
  2. Some examples of unreasonable use include but are not limited to
    • Using a Lebara telephony services  for mass distribution to a large number of recipients
    • Leaving a call connection open for purposes unrelated to making a call, or while in an unattended state for a prolonged period of time e.g. as a baby monitor
    • Using the product to provide call centre services , to carry out telemarketing or for other business use
  3. ‘Fraudulent use” includes but is not limited to resupplying a Lebara Mobile service without our consent so that someone else may access or use Lebara Mobile Services or take advantage of a Fair Use Offer’.

Our Rights

Where You are in breach of this Fair Use Policy, Lebara Mobile may contact You to discuss changing Your usage so that it conforms to this Fair Use Policy.

If, after you have been contacted, Your excessive or unreasonable use continues, Lebara Mobile may, without further notice to you:

  1. suspend your access to that or any other promotional offer;
  2. suspend or limit the Service (or any feature of it) for any period We think is reasonably necessary; and/or
  3. terminate Your agreement in accordance with the relevant Part of Section 3, General Terms & Conditions of the Standard Form of Agreement.

Approved standard mobile devices.

In accordance with the Standard Form of Agreement unless otherwise agreed with Vodafone in writing, Lebara SIM cards can only be used with Approved Standard Mobile Devices as specified by Vodafone.

The following table shows the current list of Approved Standard Mobile Devices. Vodafone may add or withdraw devices from this list from time to time.

In accordance with the Standard Form of Agreement Lebara SIM cards that are used in devices not on the Approved Standard Mobile Device List may be suspended by Vodafone, unless Vodafone has otherwise given approval in writing. Vodafone may also block any such device from being used on the Vodafone Network.To enquire about a using a Lebara SIM card with a device not on the Approved Standard Mobile Devices list please contact Customer Services.

Find out which current mobile devices are approved in Vodafone.