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Porting Authority Terms and Conditions

Porting is the process of keeping your existing mobile number and bringing it over from an existing mobile service provider.

You will receive a port validation SMS that you will need to reply to, please keep your original SIM card in your phone to allow receiving of this SMS.

You must provide your existing account number if you are keeping a postpaid (on contract) number from another network. You do not need to provide this if your existing number is a prepaid service. You authorise the mobile phone number above, the identity of the gaining service provider and the network type (e.g GSM, CDMA) to be disclosed to other network providers and porting service providers and financial institutions otherwise not involved in the porting process for the purpose of routing calls, complaint handling, fraud prevention and to assist in fraud investigations, customer network fault management and routing of SMS messages to that mobile phone number after porting activity. You acknoledge and agree that:

  • If you intend to use your existing handset, it may need to be unlocked and/or reprogrammed prior to porting and it must be compatible with gaining service provider’s network and SIM cards. (For help on whether your phone is compatible see the FAQ item Will my phone work on the Lebara Mobile network? in the FAQ list here); and
  • You have been advised by the gaining service provider that by porting my mobile phone number, the service and/or related services associated with that number may or may not be disconnected from my existing mobile service provider, and may result in finalisation of my account for that service; and
  • You have been advised by the gaining service provider that by agreeing to port my mobile phone number to the gaining service provider I am entering into a new contract with the gaining service provider.

By proceeding with the Port-in, you agree that you are authorised to request the porting of this mobile number and you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms of this authorisation as displayed on this page.

You acknowledge and agree with the following:

  • Although you have the right to port your mobile number, there may be costs and obligations owed to your existing mobile service provider as a result of porting the mobile number;
  • You may or may not be on an existing contract with your existing mobile service provider; and
  • You may be required to make an early termination payment to your existing mobile service provider.

By proceeding with the Port-in, you understand and agree to the acknowledgements above.

To activate a $2 SIM you must enter a recharge PIN or purchase a plan with a credit card.

If you suspect that there has been a fraudulent attempt to port or transfer your Lebara mobile service or if your service has been ported or transferred without your authorisation, please immediately report such activity to: